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Bread of Life Food Pantry

Recently, Dale Neas from Epworth United Methodist Church came to Bethany to speak about the "Bread of Life"  food pantry. First of all Dale spoke about the need for a food pantry. It is a National shame, he said, that in America, the richest country in the world, 49 million people are hungry, 17 million of them children.

In the Riverton, Cinnaminson and Palmyra area there are at least 250 families in need of food. For some time, our churches have been helping the homeless, the helpless and the mentally ill. "But the hidden problem." Dale told us," Is the 'working poor'. These are people who have homes and jobs, but cannot make ends meet."

Since America is the only country that doesn't provide Healthcare for its citizens, even families with Health Insurance are faced with choices like paying a co-pay for a doctor's visit, or feeding their children. Paying the rent or buying necessary medication.


Dale Neas stocks the shelves at The Bread of Life Pantry.

Dale made the point that we all belong to this ministry. The Pantry is housed in Epworth Methodist Church but there are ten local churches and one synagogue involved in the project! 

"The nice thing about this is that all the churches and synagogues are involved. Otherwise we couldn't do it," Neas said.

He also credited several civic organizations,clubs, and all the schools in the area    that have supported the effort and collected.

"Whenever a need popped up, some small miracle emerged to take care of it," Neas said. "Time and time again, this has been the case."

He said the clincher was when 16-year-old Nick Zampitell of Palmyra Boy Scout Troop 9, based at Bethany Lutheran Church in Palmyra, came forward to renovate a room in the church that once was used for Sunday school into the pantry as part of his Eagle Scout project.

With the help of his fellow troop members and other volunteers, Zampitell tore out and replaced the floor and ceiling tiles. They also painted and put up new drywall.

"It's unbelievable. The way the room looked before and how it has changed is amazing," Neas said. "It was a dark room that needed to be painted, and now it's a brightly lit room with a big pantry. I'm really proud of it."


Each church has been assigned different items to donate to the Food Pantry. Here are the items for Bethany Lutheran Church:

Cold Cereal

Canned Fruit

Baked Beans


Canned Meatballs and Sauce

Canned Ravioli

Mac & Cheese

When you are shopping, why not buy an extra item from the above list?

Every can helps!

Sandy Armstrong is Bethany's Coordinator for the Food Pantry. 

See her, if you have any questions about volunteering for this ministry,or donating time, money or food!






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